Monday, September 12, 2005

Julia Stephenson is Vesty Dewhurst Butchers Vegan Heiress

Julia Stephenson ,Vesty Heiress Dewhurst Butchers fortune, Green Party and vegetarian vegan
Interviewed in Tatler magazine Julia goes naked for Tatler to make a point for The Green PartyVesty Heiress to Dewhurst Butchers fortune, Green Party activist and vegetarian / vegan.

"I vowed to give up all animal products and become a vegan. Later, Delara and I organised an anti-meat demonstration outside Waitrose in Gloucester Road, but it went badly wrong. It was a musical evening with chanting and symbols. We sang and tried, unsuccessfully, to hand out free vegeburgers. "
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Julia Stephenson - Green Life Coach - Green Party Candidate and journalist.

Thursday, August 25, 2005

Fur Is Dead > Features > Naked Tommy Lee Declares, 'Ink, Not Mink,' in New Ad for PETA

Fur Is Dead > Features > Naked Tommy Lee Declares, 'Ink, Not Mink,' in New Ad for PETA: "Be comfortable in your own skin and let the animals keep theirs, says Lee in a new PETA ad, which features him wearing nothing but his trademark tattoos alongside the slogan, Ink, Not Mink. The ad shot by Mary McCartney Donald, daughter of Sir Paul McCartney "

Tommy Lee naked nude with mary McCartney - public nudity

Nude Isabel Roces - Naked Super Model Celebrity

MSN-Mainichi Daily News: Photo Specials: "Supermodel Isabel Roces posed naked while wrapped in nothing but chilli peppers in Bangkok"

naked celebrity model Isabel Roces naked nude pose - public nudity

naked celebrity model Isabel Roces naked nude pose - public nudity

Monday, August 8, 2005

Vegan Vixens bite beef eaters - Sunday Times - Times Online

Vegan Vixens bite beef eaters - Sunday Times - Times Online:Not everyone has been enchanted by the Vegan Vixens’ sex appeal. As their fame spread they were invited to appear on the Howard Stern Show, the raunchiest and most popular radio chat show in America.

Stern has a reputation for persuading his guests to strip off so that he can describe their bodies to his listeners. “We talked about it before we went in and we decided that Tanjareen would sacrifice her right breast — for the good of the animals, you understand,” said Valencia.

"Valencia is sure her party-girl vegetarian approach could win more hearts and stomachs than lectures by men in suits. If men do not give up their beefburgers, she says, she'll give them a good spanking."

Tuesday, July 5, 2005

Sweaty Naked Teenagers in Spanish Public Nudity

sweaty naked teenagers nude teens in public nudity

Four nude very sweaty naked teenagers show public nudity still gets media interest.

Four activists belonging to the organization ALA-Alternativa para la LiberaciĆ³n Animal (Alternative for Animal Liberation) remained naked and plastified inside meat trays (similar to the ones we can find in supermarkets), in order to denounce the exploitation that other-than-human animals are subjected too.

The event took place in the Puerta del Sol, in the centre of Madrid, on Saturday the 31 of July. It began at 12.00 o'clock in the morning and lasted about an hour. We were obliged to finish, when members of the police put an end to the representation.

If you are under 18 go away and do your homework!

It's true there is even a vegan porn site for Vegans - not to mistaken with which is about things that us vegans find pornographic.

Nudes Running - Naked Vegans in Spain

naked celebrities, nude, naked vegans teenages run in spain naked If You really want to see naked celebrity vegans and nude vegetarians go to Spain for the annual Running of the Nudes.

Running of the Nudes Join the “Human Race” by planning to be with us in Pamplona, Spain, for the annual “Running of the Nudes,” scheduled for two days before the first of the bull runs. Compassionate and fun-loving naked people from around the world will meet to run nude in the streets of Pamplona to show the city that it doesn’t need to torture animals for tourism. Tourists will travel to the region (and spend their money) for celebrations that exclude cruelty to animals.

naked vegans streets naked pictures video

Moby Naked - we've seen better examples of healthy veganism but there's no denying after seeing Moby's live stage show this is one fit rock musician. Posted by Picasa

Natalie Portman Nude - Well she may as well have been naked in THAT dress.  Posted by Picasa

A naked furry Vegan Exhibitionist from Posted by Picasa

Traci-BinghamThere was lots of trouble over this poster criticising PeTA for promoting the image of women as meat - not sure how much good it did. Posted by Picasa

Pink Lovemaking. Talking of fur and hairy critters - these nude girls have a thweet thong to thing of fweedom Posted by Picasa

The Oringinal Naked chef - Jamie Oliver may have claimed to be the Naked chef but this vegan chef went naked years before saying he'd "rather go naked than cook with fur and feathers" Posted by Picasa

No wonder Shakespear fell in love - Gwyneth Paltrow married to vegan Chris Martin of Coldplay who went down a storm at Live 8 Posted by Picasa
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