Saturday, January 7, 2012

Rachel Zoe's Beach Look

It’s not easy pushing ridiculous catchphrases in between air kisses and commanding an adoring mini fashion army. Which is why even Rachel Zoe needs a vacation now and then. But a girl’s not about to laze around St. Barths without some seriously cred-cementing companions (no offense Rodge). Rachel Zoe's Beach Look wouldn’t be complete without the glistening and speedoed accessories otherwise known as Marc Jacobs and his Adonis, Lorenzo Martone. Now if you can tear your eyes away from that double bronzed beefcake, let’s dissect the uber-stylist’s lowkey, spotlight stealing ensemble.

Flowy, patterned, one shouldered and wrapped in a Grecian kind of way, this dress is the sort of thing you need your nanny to help fit you in while Baby Skyler naps in his Gucci bomber jacket and Tods loafers. Sure it looks effortless and ready to be ripped off at a moment’s notice, should the need to strut into the Caribbean waters arise. That’s what she wants you to think.

The Shoes
Platforms? At the beach? You might ask. To which RZ would reply “did I stutter/stop wearing stilettos in my third trimester?” She may not be wearing said skyscraping open-toed wonders but the suggested pairing plus her chic black sunnies and oversized slouchy beach bag complete the look.

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